Building Project – An Introduction

GCC Morval Building Project

What is Grace Community Church doing?

Being on this site for almost 25 years has been a privilege for us. We’ve been able to help many people in practical ways, but also enjoy the space to worship God and grow as a community of all ages. Many people have gone out from this church to bless other communities around the world with the love and message that God has for us all. We’re beginning a project to replace some very worn out parts of the building so we can do those things better.

What will you do with the new building?

  • With a new two story addition to the side of the main hall, we’ll be able to continue hosting the work of over 40 children who use it for various clubs, and do so in safety.

  • We’ll also be able to give the various groups in the church a better facility for their meetings. The sewing group, the lunchtime meals, the pop up coffee club, the annual bonfire and fireworks event, joint meetings with other churches, and many other church meetings that need more appropriate rooms.

  • Weddings, funerals, summer events, and other seasonal events will be better catered for.

How can the community benefit from it?

We want to be far more open to letting the community use the facilities we have here. They are unique in the area and we want to be a blessing to those around us. We would like to see the site used for:

  • Christians Against Poverty [CAP] meetings that help people get out of debt, destructive and addictive lifestyles, unemployment, and learn new life skills and better money management.

  • Other church organisations and charities to use the building for meetings and camps.

  • Schools in various academies are invited to come and learn more about the Christian faith.

  • The site will be available to the community for hire in events that don’t clash with our charitable aims.

How much will the building cost and how will you pay for it?

We have an estimated cost of £500,000 for the project. Most of the building work will be done by local businesses and help the economy of the area. We will not be asking the community for money or holding fundraising events as we want to be a church that blesses the community rather than asks things from it. We will be raising most of the money entirely from the donations of regulars who come here. Some applications for grants will be made from other Christian charities and those sympathetic to our charitable aims.

What will it look like and how will it affect others?

Below are some drawings of the plans. We are very conscious of our immediate neighbours and the community of Morval. In much consultation, we will not be overlooking any of our neighbours, will be moving play areas and BBQ areas away from our boundaries, will be making the entrance and exit to the site safer with stop signs. As the main hall has a maximum seating capacity, the amount of traffic won’t change from the amount it does on a Sunday morning. Other meetings may take place in the week as others come to use the site, but it won’t be busier than it already is on the quietest day of the week.

Who can I contact to speak about the work or the use of the building?

Our office is only staffed part time, but if you call 01503 240930 and leave a message, we will be able to put you in contact with the appropriate person who can help answer any questions you have. Phil Barnes is the project manager and can answer any questions about the building. The office manager Nina Humphries can answer any questions about hiring the building. The church leaders Jim Hillier and Josiah Gillespie can answer any questions you have about what meetings take place at the church.