Our Vision

‘Serving Together In Jesus’ Mission’

These words sum up what we as a church aim to achieve. Let’s break it down:


Our goal is not simply to be a club where people gather around common interests, pursuing our own comfort. We believe that life is not ultimately about us, but that we are offered the privilege of taking part in something far bigger than ourselves. Christians aim to be servants, not just consumers. We take our cue from Jesus, the greatest servant of all.


Sometimes a crowd can be the loneliest place of all, but it doesn’t have to be that way! In Grace Community Church, we aim to really share our lives with one another, the tears and tragedies, as well as the triumphs. We treat each other as family and don’t want anyone to feel like they have to wear a mask.

What’s more, we really believe that every person has something priceless to offer. The Bible says that the church is like a human body, where every little part has a vital job to do. If we’re going to be effective in serving the world around us, we need to do it together. So it’s our aim to build a community where everyone is valued, and everyone takes part.


This is who it’s really all about.

Jesus is God himself, our creator and king. When on earth, he claimed to be ‘The Way, The Truth, and The Life. We’re convinced he was telling the truth about himself.

– not just another good person, but hope for broken people like us

– not distant or mysterious, but real, loving, and personal

– not just a historical figure, but alive and changing lives even today

We believe that Jesus is the answer to all the evil and pain we see on earth, and by coming to him, a person can know true peace with God. So everything we do as a church centres around building real relationships with Jesus. We want to discover more of who he is, and follow his example in all of life. This is our greatest joy, even in the midst of life’s greatest struggles: to live in humble relationship with God.


Jesus’s love and compassion are universal, and so we aim to share the good news about what he offers with those around us. We don’t want to just keep it to ourselves, but try to gently and respectfully share what we’ve discovered whenever we have an opportunity. We love people, we love Jesus, and we’re eager to make introductions!